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Many certificate that got from University, background and some certified certs.

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The spa area that offer an array of area with couple room, single room and a private spa room on the bottom left. They are using the latest technology to do the treatment.

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Studio from the front that will accept any enquiry and questions if you do have as you will be attended by the proffesionals in there.

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Products that they are carring from U.K.

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Some of the products

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As I mention that, this shop cater alot for men and men now need to do alot of grooming and taking care of the skin. Many types of products are available but let the proffesionals advice you.

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Types of skin care they offer for men definately is quite tempting with its elegant glass packing.

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If you have hair problem? do not worry, as they do cater and help out you how do you take care of your hair to make it grow healthy.

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Range of hair care.

urban (19)

So how’s your skin today? go for check up to know what happen. . . .

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Hair studio that offer that kind of price I would say its very reasonable with how the guy explain to that lady.

urban (21)

Its quite impressive on what he say that makes you want to give it a try. That shows how good he is.

urban (22)

Esther and her best friend Leena that send us the invites.

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Then Esther was quite curious on her skin type and how to take care of it, the consultant give her a good tip and advice, then she went in to do the first round of spa. How she looks like? I have no idea..maybe you can try to read her blog.

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Goodies bag that we got, a membership that expire till 2012. .  and sample products.

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Of course Emeryn is happy with her bag of goodies as she did win the lucky draw. . .


All of us in the launch and of course I did get to expose on new concept and items.

Location: The Curve, center Court

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