I have been craving for a nice simple bowl of Tom Yum noodle soup in KL but its so hard to find. If any of you do know where I can hunt similiar like in this posting please do let me know. Back Raya, and I was craving for this, my sister introduce me this place that according to her its one of the best around the area and also her favourite.

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Average waiting time in here is about 30 minutes – 60 minutes depending on your luck + timing.

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Its a simple coffee shop which sells Fish Head Bee Hoon and their specialty is also Tom Yum soup. As you walk into this soup, just walk into this section as you will be greeted with a very nice and polite lady which is the owner of the shop.

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Choose all the ingredient that you would like to have then its being cook instantly into the noodle + soup base that you choose.

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 Pretty decent in pricing .. .


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 One of a item that many people order that turns out to be so so only. You can skip this Loh Bak if you wish.

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Here comes my craving pot of noodle and of course I choose it to be maggie noodle . .  Soup base is slightly thick, sour enough and best of all is a well balace spicy. Of course you eat under this atap even though its at night, its enough to drench you up.

Tom yum (8)


 A great simple tomyum noodle that I would be back for another round.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, pretty good -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Village Coffee shop (乡下鱼头米粉)

107A, Pengkalan weld,
10300 Penang.
Tel:  +6019 4588693 (Mr Teh)
opens daily: 1200 – 2330 (closed on 1st & 15th Day of Chinese Lunar Calendar)


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