Last year it was a big hit with anything on pork that is mushrooming all over especially pork burger. You name it, how many restaurants are there with pork burger and how many are pretty good? What I would say is there is a hidden gem in SS2 that I recently come across or introduce by my colleague as she said, ‘Bok’ since you ate so much I am pretty sure you gonna love this shop. She bring me heading directly behind one of my favorite shop Spicy Chili Pan Mee (SS2 Branch) and discover this family own fast food outlet Wallop Pork Burger.

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When I arrive this place I scratch my place, why is this fast food chain hidden so inside in the housing area instead of bustling area of main street in SS2. What I am saying is that, this shop is located at another side of SS2 whereby Kayu Nasi Kandar is located.

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Is just one thing I do not understand. After I Google some article on it and found out that they prefer to be station here as they would love to control their quality of the pork burger.

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Design on the outlet is simple and straight to it, our mind is pork burger…. pork burger… pork burger. . .

Another thing that capture our attention is we can build our own burger!!!

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What it means is just order the burger and then add on these toppings to customize on your best taste preference or what you feel like to have on your burger.

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I got to know also that their pork patties are done fresh, with fresh garnishing and fresh buns to ensure we get the best of the flavour or we enjoy it.

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Sergeant Wallop would welcome you to their shop.

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In their fast food menu everything is rather simple and fast, as its only one type of burger you can choose and the other difference is that how many patties you want. Single, Double or Triple.

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Single – Mamma Wallop, Double – Papa Wallop or Triple – Sergeant Wallop. One that I am keen to try is Hot Boy with their very own spicy sauce.

They have a meal combo also that serve in 2 catagory which is Single Mama Wallop Set (RM9.80) and Double Papa Wallop Set (RM12.80) , after looking at the menu I would think that the burger is kinda small and decided to go for Papa Wallop set. These set starting from RM 9.80 comes with fries and a drink (A&W or Coke)

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Here is my pork burger with Bacon and Mushroom and all of us are in love with this pork burger. The patties are well season with their own recipe not too thick with the right size, grill to perfection that make it moist and juicy, bun that toast quite well to compliment together with the patties and dressing that added on doesnt make it too moist. The whole function of my mouth was just keep biting and biting while enjoying every bite of it. Their fries are pretty good too ..

What happens in the end? Called afew of my friend and Ta pau for them and they love it too. Pork lovers, you guys must not miss this.

Remark: I would advise that for girls can go on for Papa Wallop as the patties are pretty thin slice and for guys you would definitely love on their Sergeant as its the right size for us.

Definitely this would be one of my recommended pork burger shop if you are craving for one nice burger and its easy to find parking here cuz not many people head to this area. Do Drop by and give it a try~ I am sure you gonna love it as how we did.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10,  very good, highly recommended to try~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Wallop Pork Burgers
125, Jalan SS2/6,
47300, Petaling Jaya
(Behind Kayu Nasi Kandar SS2)

Tel: 03-78650519

(Open daily from 11am to 10pm except Thursday)

GPS:  N03.11590, E101.61646

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    • Taufulou Reply

      hehehe.. go go go..make sure you can reach ah.. GPS. .:p

    • Taufulou Reply

      it is ahh..havent tried yet, still in my hunting list..hehehe

      so cannot compare yet ah..if compare this 1 beats Ninja Joe

  1. Thanks for sharing Bok, hubby & I will never get tired of pork burger hunting! Btw, is this place where the Thursday pasar malam take place?

  2. Was there for lunch. Weekend easier to find parking 😛 I think they still have their Happy Hour.

    I like that the patties did not reek of onions, and the Mama Wallop is ok for small appetites.

  3. Good, now with another stamp of approval, I guess I’ll hop over for a try.
    Indeed MANY pork places sprouted throughout the last 2 yrs, but not many can claim to serve the best pork burger around.

  4. i saw your side and went to wallop. but i was very disappointed. the burgers there are so small and no taste. i think the patty’s are not even 75gram like McD…. crap. Pineapple not fried, mushroom 3 pieces, bacon not finish cooked and the cheese i think is from Tesco lol.
    Never again.
    Better try the Burger in Peter’s Kitchen somewhere in Puchong.

    • admin Reply

      alamak! had went from bad to worst haaa. . quite a while i have not visited this place. sad to hear that, shall feedback to the auntie that work there as she is the owner

  5. Yup. I tried Wallop recently, can’t even taste the Pork. Patty is really thin….
    Anyone tried Oinky Pork Burger in SS15? Heard it is not too bad, flavourful patty and cheap.

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