It was late at night and my friend were hungry, have to accompany them out for supper and they suggest Williams Corner I was like haraiiii… Never really like this mamak. Cuz it is freaking over priced with the quality they are having and simply charging. As I know they are very famous but I still prefer Murni over William even though both of them are siblings.

This is what recommend by my friend, ‘Honey Dew with Longan. Taste better than the other 1.

What I mean the other one is thisRibena with Longan what my friend like it alot. I found that it is too sweet and with the longan that they are giving okay lah! No complain. But got charge RM7 for each I was like haih…again..kena potong.

This is the Cheeze Nan’ which my friend said till how good and how good but honestly it was over rated by my friend. Taste not bad, the nan is too thick, but the cheeze never got pull as high as what we eat in pizza or in Stevens Corner. Still find that Steven’s Corner one taste much nicer than this alot.RM 5 for this I thought to my self the most reasonable food of all.

Comes to this again was introduce by my friend saying how good it were Carbonara Chicken and Mushroom’ and the portion came, I was a bit disappointed for a 4 person to eat on it. After divided by 4, I can even count the spaghetti that I have on my plate which is not more than 10 stripes. The ingredient was a bit less and I was not impress by the cream of it. After get to know the price of this thing I was like WTFf.f.f.f………RM25 for this idiot thing. Which the spaghetti that I ate can be counted. Kena potong again!!!

Comes to the last meal which after they had not enough of it and order another 1. ‘Chicken Meat Ball Bolognese. When the serving came, I was like Wahhhh…the 3 of you can finish boh..It is like 2 times bigger compare to the carbonara. While they were eating they keep ask me to guess how much already this time kena potong. I was guess around RM30 for this thing as this stall is famous for ‘potong’ing or kena slashing’ The taste of it not bad, the chicken ball was stuff with a small cube of cheeze which taste not bad, the sauce is quite unique which taste much better than the carbonara. The best part, considering after diving into 3 plates and the left over was still alot compare to the carbonara. Even if were given to me, still left a bit and it is not countable. It is alot I would say.

Then during paying time again, Cheng cheng chenggg….how much? Again I guess RM30, the other 1 RM35, the other 1 RM 25 and finally when the worker came, RM25.. I was like Cipettt….this 1 RM 25 and the carbonara RM25. Wah…!!!!!feel like kena Potong kau kau. Such a huge difference. The meat ball was full with ingredient and the other 1 was like less gilar

As I always rate this place, this mamak is for the rich to come only. With the kind of price I am paying, I can even add just alil more to enjoy myself at a better restaurant. Average for a person to dine here, if you do order a meal + a drink would cost the cheapest I think around RM15-RM20. But usually my friend they all kena RM25-RM30 per pax.(to pay for an environment got lipas smell, not bad) Even for their serving is big, but I still think that it is way too ex for a mamak stall.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 6.5/10 , Okay only Lah~

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Jalan SS 26/947301 PJ
Nearby old campus of Lim Kok Wing.


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