In Intermark, it really makes it mark as one of a tourist hang out spot as its filled with great dining area, Grocery center, and bar/pub. NOt only that, as there are hotels and offices area. Despite on this, I have attended one of a very unique event or must say cleverly done to increase your knowledge.

wine casino (1)

 This is my first time here at Beast with a great dining concept and surely the ambiance its a great place to hang out and chill.

wine casino (2)

AS you walk into their main entrance , towards the right side is their cool dining area and on the left side you will walk into this little small walk way that filled with a huge wine rack which is turning out to be more like a private space that is available to cater for private function with a secret door to be close upon request.

wine casino (3)

As a beginner in wine tasting, I am truely amaze how Moet Hennessy’s Wine Division came out with this idea to educate wine lovers more in dept about their wine range by having a Wine Casino. 

wine casino (4)

Its a monthly event that presents a twist to the wine tasting format with a new monthly Wine “Casino” at GUEST, a private dining venue from the B.I.G Group at The Intermark, from 26th December 2013 through to 28th November 2014. On the last Thursday of every month, prepare to get your “bets” on as guests will be taken through four levels of blind tasting with a qualified sommelier who will act as a “croupier” for the night.

This would really be an interesting game to test on your wine knowledge on the character, taste and country ..

wine casino (5)

For RM150++ guests can participate in this blind tasting that will test both knowledge and sense. RM80 in “Vine Chips” will be distributed to each participant, who will then be required at each level to decide on

* The Variety – For example: Sauvignon or Chardonnay,

* The Origin – For example: New Zealand or Australia,

* Taste & Scent – Describing the wine bouq

* The Brand – Guessing the wine label

wine casino (7)

 This is what the bet tables looks like. Interesting?

wine casino (10)

 This is the RM80 Vine Chips that we are getting ..

wine casino (11)

Right before the whole game start, we were being educate by this wine sommelier on how we should do the whole tasting . .

wine casino (12)

 Then we kick off with white wine . .

wine casino (13)

AS for the first bet, they will bring you thru the wine tasting character 101 as starting of with the basic by betting on either its : Sauvignon Blanc Semilion, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc and of course there are ods to it too.  1 to 1, pay 2 to 1, and if its more complex is 8 to 1 . . .

wine casino (14)

wine casino (15)

When it comes to red, the whole thing is getting more complex that more betting area for you to place your bet, from flavours , brand, which wine yard and many more, and you are competing with many wine lovers around you as they are carefully placing their bet as most of them would want to bit for the limited edition bottle to bring back home.

wine casino (16)


wine casino (18)

On that night, we tested most of their range from Cloudy Bay (New Zealand), Terrazas de los Andes (Argentina), Cape Mentelle and Chandon (Australia) and a few other more.

wine casino (21)

It was an exciting night, as most of the people in the room sure do know their wine very well till the banker is out of chips and have to replace with temporary card as a mark for a value. My Chips is certainly not enough to bid for anything but surely its a fun night. .

wine casino (6)

This is what happen why every one is so carefull on their bet as to bid for their favourite item to bring back. .

wine casino (17)

wine casino (19)

 First and second highest winner as they really tear the gap of 3rd and 4th onwards. . .

wine casino (20)

wine casino (9)

If you are a wine lover and keen to explore on how far your knowledge is along with your friends then this place is surely one of a fun place to be as you get to drink wine and also bid for items at the end of the night.

The event is only happening  from 26th December 2013 through to 28th November 2014. On the last Thursday of every month. For reservations and enquiries, kindly contact Benoit Sommerlad at 012 969 8544.


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