How I came about to this kind of product is quite surprising. Little did I know that we do have this kind of flosser as in my mind, the flooser was the classic with fish strings. My dentist recommend me to such item like Xiaomi Mijia Electric Water Flosser Review. 

One of the reason was that my tooth was quite pain and I certianly do know it is cause by my wisdom tooth. The last kind of wisdom tooth I want to get is Vertical. Bingo, I got the vertical, luckily at the moment it is no impact to my 2nd last tooth and I need to take care it by flossing it with water flosser. my gum do open a little  holeb and the pain was cause by food stuck in there and causes gum infection if do not clean it well. 



Xiaomi Mijia Portable Water FlosserSo I bought this item thru Shopee  from this seller (click here)

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Water Flosser review


👉 Ready stock + 1 Year Warranty

👉 【Voltage stabilization system】which can produce a super-fast water flow of 1400 times/minute and water pressure of up to 140PSI.

👉【200mL large-capacity water tank + Nozzle Diameter of 0.6mm】Can accurately clean the stains between the teeth and the dead corners of the mouth.

👉【4 Function Modes】Satisfy the needs of many types of teeth cleaning.

👉【Intelligent 2 minutes automatic power off】To avoid from overheating.

👉【45 days super long battery life】 Charge for 4 hours with Type C interface can use more than a month.

👉【Detachable water tank design】 convenient for cleaning and sanitary use.



❤️Model: MEO701

❤️Color: White

❤️Rated Voltage: 3.7V

❤️Rated Input: 5V/ 1A

❤️Waterproof Level: IPX7

❤️Charging Time: Up to 4 Hours



😍 1 x Oral Irrigator;-

😍 1 x Water Tank;-

😍 4 x Nozzles;-

😍 1 x Type-C Cable;-

😍 1 x Nozzle Storage Box;-

😍 1 x Chinese User Manual;-

water flooser

I feel I am so noob that technology has evolve to such and it is also a perfect flosser for those with braces. Check out the video below: 


colgate Portable Water FlosserIt comes with 4 different heads to suits your usage. For those with bracess it is recommended with the last 2 with white tip. The have tongue cleaner too. For mine I am using the first one on the right as water flosser. 
cheap water flosser

comes with 200 ml water tank and depending how you use it. For me per round I use it is half tank, still trying to get hold of it and move in between the teeth area. 

First time user like me, might fee pain in the gum and it is encourage to use level 1 to begin with. It comes with 3 mode. It if it the gum too often and first timer might also encounter blood also. When you are used to the gap already then it will be very easy.Xiaomi Mijia Portable Water Flosser unboxing

2 button functions only. Power mode on the first button and 2nd button at the bottom is the mode/ intensity. Level 1 to go with and once you got hold of how to use it then you can move another mode up. zenyum Portable Water FlosserXiaomi Soocas W3 Pro Portable Water Flosser

during my first time finding the USB port, I could not find it as it is close with a white rubber on the grip area. Just move it out and you will see the charging port there. My friend told me that 1 charge can last about 45 days with daily usage (twice a day)

it is a new item discovery for me to use and it is quite interesting. . I bought it at around RM 125 with FREE Shipping.

You can purchase it at :





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