I really itchy backside. Previously before I bought my Donlim Espresso Coffee Machine, I was actually debating this unit or that unit. I ended up that unit cuz of esthetic. Slim and nice got the round meter. However after 2 months, now I bought this Xiaomi Petrus PE3320 Espresso Coffee Machine for Review & unboxing.

Xiaomi Petrus PE3320

Ended up I like this machine more now cuz of its retro coffee machine look. Here is my simple review about this machine. It is a machine by subsidiary of Xiaomi. Yes Correct! Xiaomi the phone maker.

This is an international seller in Lazada or Shopee. It comes super fast. It just take 6 days to reach from China to my home.

Lazada offer cheaper during campaign days: https://bit.ly/Petrusyou

Shopee cheaper on normal days: https://shp.ee/ww6vpbj


Xiaomi Petrus PE3320 unboxing

Simple, lightweight and can carry around anywhere you like. Simple to operate. :

  1. To the left is espresso shot
  2. Middle is stop
  3. right is to froth milk

xiaomi petrus coffee machine

in the box it comes with :

  1. 1 x portafilter (51mm)
  2. 1 x spoon measure and temperPEtrus spec

Xiaomi Petrus PE3320 Espresso Coffee Machine Spec is just very simple. The most important is, it does an awesome brew of coffee.

cheap coffee machine

petrus coffee machine (6)


3 point plug malaysia

comes with 3 point plug foc for us. Best la

petrus coffee machine (9)

This is the magic. Even both mention 20 bar, but this machine frothing is much more powerful.

petrus pe3320

Simple espresso making with Petrus PE 3320. I also did purchase a grinder.

xiaomi petrus review

I use 14g espresso coffee powder . Love the extraction. Just look at the crema. Quite perfect with nice 1 cm layer and creamy top. 20bar power is at diff level. Its smooth milk and easy to froth. Fast hot up.

petrus espresso coffee machine review

If I were to compare Donlim vs Petrus 3320 as both are cheap coffee machine, I would highly recommend Petrus. Looks its a bit ugly but then for the price of RM 290 including free delivery is no brainer for a great cuppa. I believe 11.11 will fall below RM 250

My review of Donlim Coffee Machine.

Will this be one of the best cheap coffee machine? I guess yes for me. Happy Hunting.

Lazada offer cheaper during campaign days: https://bit.ly/Petrusyou

Shopee cheaper on normal days: https://shp.ee/ww6vpb


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