Travelling had also evolve thru me from time to time. Starting with just do not mind in using café wifi during any stop over or even during at night when back to hotel. Digital world certainly do change our lifestyle where I need a data plan whenever I travel now, not only to connect socially, also partly because of heavy workload that need to follow up at times when I am on vacation.

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My style of traveling also changed as, no longer cramping heavy itinerary over a short trip to maximize the visit of the country. Now, my trip is longer period that stretch slightly over 4-6 days and take it one step at the time depending on day. Made ad hoc decision to visit random places.

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Travelling is fun that gives you a wide exposure on culture event on different state, food and slight change of climate conditions. Allows you to enjoy to meet random strangers among with other backpackers and exchange information on where is best to party, eat, drink or visits of historical area.


Drinking session will always be one of the easiest way to be connected both physically and digitally where you can instant add new friends into all your social media platform. XOX Mobile do comes in handy where now you can purchase this prepaid pack at selected outlets where you can choose your prepaid number.


This prepaid card comes is RM8.80 that comes with RM5 airtime. After checking out their package, it is good news for those who used a lot of data where their current promo is RM 28 with 1.5GB or RM 48 with 3GB data that valid for 30 days and that is just enough for any one or traveller that stay here a day or 2 to use. Find out more about their prepaid plans here. If you do make alot of short calls, then XOX Mobile Prepaid Plus gives you 5cents for 10 seconds call. (click for more info)

For the past week, I have switch over to their prepaid and quite impress with their connectivity. I was travelling pretty much over that week to locations, Klang, Shah Alam, PJ, KL, where I find their coverage is on par with the other operator that I am using, have yet to try other states or outskirt area.

Like many other users out there, prepaid is one of a headache issue when it comes one user have to top up to remain their line active, XOX Mobile now gives you 28 months validity to keep your number active all the time. Check out what they have to offer when you switch to XOX Mobile.

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If you have not really heard about them or worried on their limitations of prepaid kioks that is available, they have a long list of dealers in their website or you can do most of the transaction through their website at anytime or any where with #XOXonlinestore.


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