Since like this week is more like holiday mood since Raya Holiday is this weekend, lets discover one of the place I went in Taiwan. After our morning session of MaoKong Gondola and head to Taipei 101, then our next destination is to Taiwan Storyland which showcase the olden days of Taiwan lifestyle.


It might look pretty ugly outside but that’s the main purpose of it that they had transform the whole basement into classic era olden days of Taiwan architecture which is from 50’s – 70’s. It is very impressive that the whole place are decorated with mini streets, vintage bicycle, cars, cameras, coffee shops, police stations  and many more.

storyland (2)

If you are interested in the lifestyle of Taiwan olden days, then I would recommended this place as its a good place for photoshoot as we thought we would just spend a short time in this place but ended up 3 hours as we camwhore alot..So be prepared to scroll it..:)

storyland (3)

On the way walking to the ticket counter we had already encounter the classic feeling that we were actually back to the 70’s with the film poster and advertisement decorated along the way yet shine it with classic orange light bulbs.

storyland (4)

Classic advertisement poster.

storyland (5)

This are the rates to enter the area as they do have promotions too. NT 200 is just only the entrance for adults but they promotion of NT280 include a drink and a meal in the area which is more cost savvy but as we are going to Ximenting after this so we shall ignore the promotion.

After we walked into this area, we were like…woahhh~ photoshoot heaven.

storyland (6)

storyland (7)

A section which explain the bikes and cars.

storyland (8)

storyland (12)

storyland (13)

storyland (14)

storyland (15)

One of the stalls selling food at the road side.

storyland (20)

and I am the one selling. . .

storyland (16)

mini walkway of the olden days

storyland (17)

a mini sundry shop that you can actually buy some souvenir back . . . .

storyland (9)

I sure miss this feeling when I was a young kid I did help my grandfather to buy ciggis in a sundry shop, Even all this packs of ciggis are not open.

storyland (10)

I still remember when I was a kid I do go to the sundry shop buying all this kind of item which cost RM0.20 or RM0.30 in Malaysia.

storyland (11)

storyland (18)

Public toilet which I forgot to shoot inside also. . .:)

storyland (19)

Us trying to strom the area as classic as possible..

storyland (21)

Many shops ranges from Tea Shop. . .

storyland (22)

Cosmetic shop

storyland (23)

Tailor shop

storyland (24)

The olden days living room area.

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