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Taiwan Trip Day 3- Taiwan Storyland (台灣故事館)

by Taufulou

storyland (25)

With Tina along with us since from the afternoon till all night long.

storyland (26)

storyland (27)

some great portrait shots done by Pak.. .

storyland (28)

This section really let us remember back our school days. . . with the wooden plank on the top side of the door.

storyland (29)

Our classic classroom with wooden tables and chairs. . .

storyland (30)

All our workhard drawings hope to be pin on this wall for great piece of art.

storyland (31)

Teacher in the class room teaching 1+1 = 11 to be very creative.

storyland (32)

Some good students in class. . .

storyland (33)

and some bad students in class as there will always be trouble maker in the class. . .

storyland (34)

when got punish by the teacher, some of us will be very happy. .

storyland (36)

involve in class fight. . .

storyland (35)

then the whole class got detention after that.. . .

storyland (37)

storyland (38)

The Police Station

storyland (39)

storyland (40)

Hawt police women at work! Do not disturb or you will be lock up!

storyland (41)

This is how I ended up by disturbing the police women. . . .As I was taking this plate wrongly that celaka Ian don wan to tell me what I do wrong.. . .

storyland (42)

storyland (43)

Then only he show us this is the correct way to hold it.. Damm Celaka siall . . . Pak kutuk him then that he is very experience in this.. lol~

storyland (44)

storyland (45)

storyland (46)

the medicine shop

storyland (47)

storyland (48)

Bus waiting area. . .

storyland (49)

Camera Shop

storyland (50)

storyland (51)

storyland (52)

With another type of shop selling some groceries.

storyland (53)

The Si Tau Poh one busy taking order and one busy calculating profit for the day. . .

storyland (54)

Me I work as the shoe shinning boi. . .

storyland (55)

This is how we operate the old classic groceries shop. Ian selling drinks, shoe polishing is me, Tina and Jennifer is Si Tau Poh and Nono is the worker of the shop.

storyland (56)

Then there will always be a drunken people dropping by to buy more alcohol that simply shout here and there request for more drinks. . .

storyland (57)

Drink till K.O

storyland (58)

To bring girls out in the olden days, can go on bicycle, Bus or Cars. . .

storyland (59)

Then  head to the 70’s look of the restaurant

storyland (60)

Decorated classicly with wooden platform chairs on the side wall and 60’s stool in the middle.

storyland (61)

storyland (63)

Then there will always be guys trying to flirt with the waitress and waitress always feel shy and low profile after praise by the guys. . .

storyland (64)

Ordering session that involves some pranking . .and will always have some people around the tables to be very Kaypoo…

storyland (65)

One of the hidden area of dining table but I you were going on backlane relationship, please always do not sit near the window

storyland (66)

as you will be easily get caught!

storyland (67)

Then head to the movie theater

storyland (68)

Movies which is boring that will end up like that. . .

storyland (69)

Some people will just be idiotic to talk on the phone, sleep, watch movie and trying to be moochie muchie with the gf. . .

storyland (70)

storyland (71)

storyland (72)

Pray and wish to go for your good luck charm

storyland (73)

Bar Shop

storyland (74)

When we are out the place we realise it was late for dinner and Ximenting Shopping and eating had been cut short. We had fun in this place and took alot of nice shots in there and a great place to visit.

Taiwan Storyland
50, ZhongXiao W. Rd, Sec. 1, B2 (basement of Kmall)
Opposite Taipei Main Station

open:10:30 am-11 pm

Information Hotline:0800-887-701

Redeemable Coupon:NT$120(can be redeemed for services)
Tickets:NT$80 (??/adults) ?NT$50 (child) (for study trips only)

*Ticket price includes free English/Chinese brochures and English Acoustiguide headphone self-guided tour.

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lechua 06/09/2010 - 6:53 pm

looks like u guys sure had fun with the poses at every corner!

Taufulou 09/09/2010 - 2:42 pm

yeah eh..heheeh~ we love to take pictures and pose also..:p

henry^munkey 07/09/2010 - 4:12 am

aiyooo… so fun la u guys! i also wanna go taiwan someday ler 🙁

Taufulou 09/09/2010 - 2:42 pm

heheh…yeah lu, can la.. safe some money can go d..now quite cheap.. next round when you go is my turn to be jealous 🙂


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