Taiwan Trip Day 4 –> Jinguashi’s Gold Ecological Park –> JiuFen –> Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall –> Miramar Mall

On the fourth day, we woke up very early again and can just feel the heat start to burn on our skin and knowing it going to be another hot day. Having breakfast on the go and heading to Taipei Main Station to visit this wonderfull place Jiufen that most of my friend its a MUST go place if you are in Taiwan. We are heading there with a group of new friends which most of them are Indonesians but studying there for quite some time arleady.


They seriously have a huge big station compare to our mini KTM station which is half dead also or KL Central which I presume something similiar but very far behind with the user friendly access and really Main station compare to ours.

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With varieties of train available from the olden steam train to the modern bullet train for you to choose from and the schedule and time line very accurate. Having fast and efficient people working in the counter, we didnt wait for long to get our tickets even though there are quite number of people as that was the first day of the high school holiday. So there are alot of people heading other province.

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The ticket is also very classic feels like the time I ride in the bus when I was a kid with a punch hole from the bus attendent.

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      heee, nice leii..thanks to me la.. i am the coordinator~

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      hahah.. next time if can ta pau the smell for u..sure will do that..:p

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      heee, faster pack then go air port buy ticket liau..:D

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      thanks for dropping by eh.. heee, glad that makes miss ur trip back in those days..:p

  1. Hello, thanks for the info..i will bookmark it until my own trip.. 10 months later T___T

    btw, jennifer is my snr in tarc hehe 🙂 thanks for visiting my blog. share good food yay!

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      hahahah..yeah loh, see what take what already..cuz no time to go back ah~

      • When I was in China (can’t remember which part) standing at the SIDE of the road oso kena ‘brushed’ by a van dy! So I won’t dare to stand in the middle of the road anywhere !

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and information. Would like to know the frequency of the train from Taipei to Ruifang Station. Is it every 1 hour there is a train departing from taipei to ruifang?

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