About nearly 10 years ago when I was studying at Taylor college, one of the stalls that really keep us curious which is this stall called Rojak SS15 that opens its stall after 2pm which located in front of Shell station and when its business start, many people will start queuing to buy Rojak till we decided to join the crowd. As me and my friend are from Penang, one thing that got me and my friend confuse was there wordings, in Penang, Rojak means the food are add on with the shrimp paste not this version, that this version in Penang would be called ‘Pasembor’. Apparently they are one of the Famous Rojak at SS15.

Till last weekend when I was around the area, and I saw how come this stall so many people queuing up for the food only till I realize that it was the Rojak stall which previously located infront of Shell Station and now they have been relocate to this mini area next to Subang Square.

rojak ss15

Now they have several stalls together with one of the Indian stalls that sell there, we feel that they serve like really traditional Indian ‘kuih’ that just came out from the hot wok.

rojak ss15 (2)

rojak ss15 (3)

This is called ‘Vadai’ as the lady sell it very cheap. It taste something like donut, instead being sweet, its abit salty and spicy yet with indian herbs taste.

rojak ss15 (4)

Next is this  masalodeh which I rate it as a type of biscuits. It doesnt taste something like Famous-Amos but similiar as the above just that its crunchy.

rojak ss15 (5)

rojak ss15 (6)

Next to that indian stall, locate this stall which sells drinks, with their availability of Cendul, ABC, coconut drink in this hot weather is surely something hard to resist. Only then I remember that this stall used to stay by the side of the Rojak at the petrol station and now they have move in together.

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    • Taufulou Reply

      nvm la..your area to the place not that far only ma..~

  1. This is like.. mee rojak rite? but without the noodles n eggs.. so this is wat Pasembor means.. when i was in Penang, a friend of mine asked if i’d like to try pasembor and i was like… err… wat’s dat? aiyo.. say lah earlier it is dis.. i love this 😀
    .-= Merryn´s last blog ..Freak Accident at Lutong Traffic Light Junction =-.

    • Taufulou Reply

      ori version never have noodles and eggs 1 ler..lol, it is..different calling of names..:D
      u so tam chiak..what also like 1 ler…:p

    • Taufulou Reply

      keke,, then next round you bring him there makan loh~ sure he will be very happy 1..1 stone kill 2 bird~ 😉

  2. Lol.. must try it out next time…. Ish… i don’t know that you have switch to a domain web…. thought you din update your blog a~

    • Taufulou Reply

      eh, i thought i got put link at my old blog? come out error ah?

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