Starting from tomorrow, muslims around the world will start fasting for one month and most of the restaurants are taking opportunity to offer best food at the right price. One of the place that we came across which is hidden at Ampang (seriously hidden) which is Intai-Intai Restaurant. Intai-Intai Restaurant Ramahdan Buka Puasa Buffet RM 48 nett. I was curious and ask the owner why this name was chosen, as he said, intai means peek therefore you need to take a peek to know where is the restaurant,the restaurant served Halal Thai food .. . .


Intai – intai offers customer to enjoy in their natural environment with sound of cricket, birds chirping yet a romantic ambiance during at night.

Intai (2)

Let’s intai (peek) what does the restaurant have to offer and the nature of the area and a quick tour of the restaurant.

Intai (3)

A pond was originally there.

Intai (4)

Intai (5)

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During this festive month, many of the restaurant owners are doing buffet dinner (eat all you can) to offer to all the Muslims and non-muslims to dine and relax at such a great environment.

Intai (6)

If you do have a big family, Intai-Intai Restaurant do have a big area to cater up to 30-40 people for one section.

Intai (7)

Intai (8)

Tables are well decorated too.

Intai (9)

If you do go there early, you sure do can take pictures around  restaurant.

Intai (10)

With me and Ester being there early, decided to camwhore a little.

Intai (11)

Intai (12)

Intai-Intai actually offer Thai food (that I thought is malay restaurant) which is manage by 2 friendly brothers that host us with the wonderfull evening.

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  1. Looks like the food and the ambience is nice! Ooh! I must have the durian with sticky rice! hard to find a good one in KL!

    • Taufulou Reply

      yeah loh… quite nice also the food for a halal restaurant~

  2. sooo darn regret to visit this now! DROOL!! just had my lunch but now hungry again! sobs. so many foods, love it especially mango sticky rice.

    • Taufulou Reply

      uyea…me colleague told me is hidden in the forest lagi..

  3. Pumpkin Pudding Sakaya seems special… RM48, consider cheap worrrr.. 🙂 and nice & traditional place..

    • Taufulou Reply

      hahah..faster open mouth..feed you eat mango stick rice`

  4. The best HALAL THAI Food restaurant in Klang Valley I would say …. it even taste better than My Elephant base on my personal preference.

  5. Gotta make a trip there to try it out. Place looks great and so does the food. Pumkin pudding looks very interesting to try 🙂

  6. hai,
    saya ingin membuat tempahan utk berbuka puasa pada hari jumaat ini…
    tapi boleh tak bg tahu mcm mane sy nk ke restoran intai-intai

    • Taufulou Reply

      err…i pun tak tau how to guide..maybe you can refer to the map?

      from Jalan ampang then turn left to MRR2 then on your right..just spot HONDA SERVICE CENTER..

      its a hidden place dirrectly behind Honda service center at MRR2. .

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