To start off the chill night with ‘Crab Meat Broth with Mushroom and Bean Curd’, started off with something warm that is clear in taste yet every mouth is full of ingredient and adding in a bit of vinegar, I am just loving it.

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‘Steamed Grouper in ‘Teow Cheow’ style’ as the fish is soft and I love the gravy, which is sour with ‘salted veggie’ and clear in taste with a bit of ginger, eat it with rice is a great combination.

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Something that is fried simple yet flavorful is ‘Fried Bean Sprouts’ as house of tang special fried beans sprout is crispy yet the taste is mild.

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I am not a usual Petai lover but at times I still can bare with the taste, ‘Fried Sambal Petai Prawns’ was perfectly fried out with wok hei, yet had ‘pou’ till the petai and prawns fried till evenly that it had soak all the gravy of dried shrimp fried with sambal, the prawn is jucy with gravy and petai is mild in taste and it just taste awesome!

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While the waitress was bringing this pot from far, I could just smell the strong taste of it and after opening the cover of the pot, I was like, wahhhhh~ the smell is so good, that by smelling it I also could get drunk! Just cant wait to grab a bowl to taste it.

‘Drunken Chicken in Hot Pot’ was totally flavorful, with strong Chinese wine mix with herbs and sweetened of chicken meat that had been steam for hours, is just perfect. I had 4 bowls of it!

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In food, this is consider a sin when it comes to ‘Braised Pork Layered with Taro’. The layer of fats and pork lean in between is evenly separated, and it was brew to perfect that when put into your mouth, the fats melts on the tongue and the soft slices of meat just spread out. Just heavenly.

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  1. Fried rice with water chestnut is new to me, never new water chestnut can used as ingredient for fried rice O.O
    .-= mimid3vils´s last blog ..Umai-Ya =-.

  2. bro…very nice layout u got here…

    yeah, love the chinese food here…went with my family….did a review too…kekeke…se pei ho jiak!

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