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First stop for us, which Hotel Equatorial definitely capture our attention as The Eiffel Tower stick tall behind compare to other booths, with many cheeze cubes decorated behind of the cute kitchen area and surely it reminds us the cute cartoon movie Ratatouille. 

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Their decorations and food presentations is just very cute that suits their theme for the night. Even the rat was there too.

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Rang Mahal Restaurant

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Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

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With one of its main chef and I find his creation is pretty impressive.

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With a small tube located behind of the entree and once you slip the whole mini stick in your mouth then press the juice out to make it well blend and its a great combination of it.

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Shangri-La Hotel

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Al-Amar which offer Lebanese Cuisine

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The two chef for this restaurant are very funny on how they promote their food to us and also alcohol which is called ‘Arak’.

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Guess what is this?

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They have 2 sexy Belly Dancer.

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High Tide Kuala Lumpur a fine dining restaurant that offer seafood and fish, with its great Belgian Chef, Evert Onderbeke, who was mentored by 2* Michelin Star Chef Roger Souvereyns and got to know that they are actually related to Nerovivo

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I have heard alot on this restaurant Nerovivo and I will be trying soon on this restaurant that serve authentic Italian food.

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I wish I can drive this home.

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Chef for Nerovivo

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Italian to me, is all about wine and food.

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Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

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The Pomelo which operates inside Banjaran Hotspring located in Ipoh that comes all the way to promote their food. The chef is definately very warm that explain most of his creation to us and for healthy eating, this is the restaurant you would want to go as it is all using ORGANIC ingredient to cook. How he prepare for the food on taste we were quite impress.

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Chocolate with tomato in there would be the first time I have eaten it.

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If you are at Genting Highlands and you have won some money up there and looking for good food, The Olive Italian Restaurant which is located at Located at the Lobby Floor of Genting HotelGenting Highlands Resort is something you should consider.

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Thai Restaurant

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  1. This was an eye opening experience! So much food and so many people! I know you drank until you couldn’t walk straight that night! LOL!

  2. It was a great evening. All the food were delicious in their own way and we had a wonderful time savoring them.

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