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All the Starker beer you guys drink, this is the master brewer that brew this beer out and its one of its most unique beer he ever created. As I asked : what makes you to create this beer? Answer: I have no idea and when I got discover the owner want me to brew something fresh and light as I do not understand his meaning till I come to visit Malaysia market, therefore he come out with this beer. A Beer that is brew within a few days and must consume within 7 days which is just a WEEK!

The German-style beer is traditionally brewed from malted barley and wheat with an aromatic touch of rich Citrus (orange peels and corianders) and mixed with a hint of delicate spiciness of German hops to balance the sweetness. Such unique formula, without the need for filtration and pasteurisation and chemistry of aging simply gives way to a strong yet clean, crisp and natural body that is easy to down on its own – Source from Starkbeer.com

After I got to learn more about this beer and one thing did suprise me is that, this is our LOCAL BREW Beer, so can consider like Malaysia product, as its brew in Klang Brewery. I thought it was imported. . .

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Each Mini barrel is preserve fresh right in the fridge and many tables that order a mini barrel will the staff will help you to knock on it. As for this round, we are special and we get to play it.

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Place the tap onto the little mouth of the barrel. . .

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Get ready and hit hard to make sure it stuck directly inside it.

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and that’s what we do with the hammer and we consider it more like a Thor Hammer. . .

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Lets Drink Starker. . ..which have 2 version one which is Dunkel which is more strong and Aromatic which is very light in flavour that definately suitable for women.

Derived from a German word that means ‘stronger’, Stärker literally revives an old world style of beer drinking, offering you a strong, unrivalled taste of truly fresh beer that many beer lovers have missed for generations.” source from Starkbeer.com

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Besides that, they serve food too . . .

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Pork Knuckle @ RM 59.90

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 Grill Pork Chop

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Grilled Lamb Shoulder

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Grill Fish

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 Alicia and Louise

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 Roast Pork

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and they have a great band to keep you entertain event if you are bored at your friends conversation or alone.

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 all of us

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 all the guys bloggers. .

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and lastly the big group of us, that I know half and don know half that kind of feeling.

If you are at KL and looking for a bar to hang out, OverTime will be one of the option in list. .

OverTime Pavilion
Lot C4-02-00, Level 4,
Pavilion Shopping Mall
Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 0108395095

Website: http://www.overtime.com.my
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/overtime.int

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  1. This franchise is certainly making $$ otherwise Bosco Wong would not have taken up the franchise too and opened one in Ipoh. Hear the owner of OT is also the owner of Jazz beer. Anyway, yum sing!

    • Taufulou Reply

      ehh..really? didnt know that.. but i know this franchise is making money.. a few of my friend also want to take this franchise but the queue super long . .

  2. Nice place… That’s one OT that you won’t get paid for your hard work… err… drinking indeed~ LOL!

    • Taufulou Reply

      yeap..you certainly do give it a try . . as its like opening every where in Klang Valley area. .

    • Taufulou Reply

      ehh..i didnt know they got serve cocktails .. ? kekek

      will give it a try next round ..

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