None of us can ever imagine that we received such a unique invites. . . No matter who you are, your reaction would be like us, either your jaw drop, scratch ur head with lots of question mark, or just stun for a few seconds to double confirm on the invites that we got. We could not believe ourself too, that we actually got invited to do a review in a 5 stay hospital which is Prince Court Medical Center which hidden one fantastic restaurant, Food Gelleria.

As for us, when we reach, we do not really know what is prepared for us, as our minset already got stuck Hospital + restaurant = patient food / healthy food. . . but to our suprise, it proves all of us wrong.

Food Galleria

For me, I would really rate it as a hidden gem which is situated directly a level under the lobby provide with a big special place.

Food Galleria (2)

A simple setting was placed all over the restaurant to suit well lit up place.

Food Galleria (3)

A cup that happens 4 years once had attracted every one from near and far to get together to watch this fantastic event yet most of the restaurant are taking this opportunity to promote their special menu for the season. . .

Food Galleria (4)

Food Galleria (5)

Food Galleria (15)

Suprise us not, that this restaurant is not about serving patient food that gives misconception to alot of us, but this pack of pills are used as decorations that are filled with salt, pepper, curry powder and others.

Food Galleria (16)

If you are a patient in this hospital, we were shown by the management how they prepare food for them, with many catagories and depends the dietitian prepare for you, and you can choose ala carte form to order your food, as I would say, being pampered while sick.

Food Galleria (17)

Let’s get back to our normal menu and a special menu been created out specially for this big event, World Cup as most of the food creation are according to the countries name. One great thing about this restaurant is they change their menu every 3 months that doesnt let the customer eat the same thing again and again, what we eat now, definately will not get to eat anymore or in another words is limited edition menu. This menu will expire after the World Cup.

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  1. *phew*
    When I first saw the title of your update on my blog roll, I was SO worried! I was thinking: OMG, what happened and why is he posting about a hospital/ medical center??

  2. this would be appetizing for the staff and visitors… but personally i wouldn’t visit a hospital for a meal if i didn’t have to…

  3. other than food. anyone have experience services from the nurses in normal ward or ICU ? good or bad ? I have friend in ICU now, a bit concerned on the quality and service of the nurses there !!

  4. Hi madam the reason send this mail is I want to apply a shop in the cafe to open fruit stall
    If got pls reply as soon as possible TQ

    • admin Reply

      Hi parimala,

      you have to contact the hospital direct, try to get leads from there

  5. Worst Emergency Dpt & Dr. not proffessional.
    My advice…I m so damn regret to visited this Medical Centre, end up rush to Pantai Hospital.
    Pantai Hospital Emergency medical officers is very efficient compared with Prince Court.

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