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Food Galleria (18)

Special bread that made in house is served for warming up. . . .

Food Galleria (19)

Sopa De Caracol (Honduras) – Honduras fish coconut cream soup with cumin @RM12.80

Food Galleria (20)

Soupe d’avocat abidjanaise (South Africa) – South African chilled avocado soup with dash of yoghurt & Tabasco @RM10.80

Food Galleria (21)

Albondigas soup (Mexico) – Classic Mexican soup made with meatballs & cabbage @Rm11.50

Food Galleria (22)

Escalibada (Spain) – Spanish Red pepper and aubergine salad @RM12.50

Food Galleria (25)

Salade Fermière Tiède aux Lardons (France) – Warm salad of frisèe, beef bacon, potato & poached egg @RM14.50

Food Galleria (23)

Prawn & vegetable tempura (Japanese) – Tempura King Prawns, carrot, egg plant, capsicum & dipping sauce @RM14.50

Food Galleria (24)

“Moqueca” Kaka (Brasil) – Bahia Seafood stew in rich tomato broth & rice @RM28.80

Recommended, one of my favourite of the night, with unique way of cooking that every bite is burst with rich flavour.

Food Galleria (26)

Lahm Lhalou (Algeria) – Algerian lambs with saffron, turmeric, almond & prunes with white rice @Rm38.80

Food Galleria (27)

Gnocchi con auburgine arrabiatta (Italy) – Aubergine, potato dumpling in spicy tomato sauce @RM18.50

Another favourite for the night, that gnocchi is cook perfectly that its soft on every bite and spicy tomato sauce blend with with each bite, I just love it as I still remember the one that I had was in Melbourne  . . .

Food Galleria (28)

Food Galleria (29)

Chicken Souvlaki (Greece) – Oregano & garlic marinated chicken grilled over charcoal, Tzatziki & pittaa @RM24.50

Food Galleria (30)

Chargrilled Salmon (New Zealand) – Salmon w sun dried tomato, cucumber cream & spinach @RM38.90

Food Galleria (31)

Deungshim Gui Dolsot Bibimbap (Korean Republic) – Korean style grilled beef sirloin on vegetables & rice @RM35.00

Food Galleria (32)

Summer Berries Pudding with Mixed berries Coulis (England) – Slice bread in mixed berries coulis with fresh berries & berries compote @Rm8.50

Food Galleria (33)

Food Galleria (34)

Baked pavlova Fruit Salsa (Australia) – Freshly baked meringue with almond mixed fruits salsa & balsamic strawberry @RM9.80


Food Galleria (36)

Gebackener Kasekuchen (Germany) – Baked cheese cake & spices marinated grapes @RM8.90

Food Galleria (37)

Food Galleria (38)


Food Galleria (40)

Food Galleria (41)

Executive Chef of Food Galleria – Adam Gaffey who is originated from Australia is the one that suprise us with his great cooking skills that prepare all the great food for the night. It was an eye opener for us that a place like that seriously serve good food.

If you are looking for something reasonable in pricing with great food, then this is one of the restaurant you can go after if you do not ‘pantang’ about entering a hostpital.

Food Galleria (Prince Court Medical Centre)
Level B1
39, Jalan Kia Peng
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: +603 21600000

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J 30/06/2010 - 9:03 am

When I first saw the title of your update on my blog roll, I was SO worried! I was thinking: OMG, what happened and why is he posting about a hospital/ medical center??

lechua 30/06/2010 - 1:34 pm

this would be appetizing for the staff and visitors… but personally i wouldn’t visit a hospital for a meal if i didn’t have to…

Caroline 30/06/2010 - 2:08 pm

jeng jeng jeng!! the 3rd post bout this one! luckily all different one! hehehe

iamthewitch 30/06/2010 - 2:43 pm

Love those mocktails and fruit juices!

uLi 30/06/2010 - 7:17 pm

Like the soupy shots…nice! 🙂

email2me 30/06/2010 - 11:51 pm

I still can’t get over the experience there ….. great environment and good food!

Big Boys Oven 01/07/2010 - 8:42 am

OMG! I defintely must try this place out! 🙂

mimid3vils 01/07/2010 - 3:53 pm

eating @ hospital never be boring anymore!!!

Kim 18/05/2012 - 3:51 pm

other than food. anyone have experience services from the nurses in normal ward or ICU ? good or bad ? I have friend in ICU now, a bit concerned on the quality and service of the nurses there !!

Parimala 09/06/2013 - 7:28 am

Hi madam the reason send this mail is I want to apply a shop in the cafe to open fruit stall
If got pls reply as soon as possible TQ

admin 09/06/2013 - 10:35 pm

Hi parimala,

you have to contact the hospital direct, try to get leads from there

Celinio 28/05/2014 - 5:48 pm

Worst Emergency Dpt & Dr. not proffessional.
My advice…I m so damn regret to visited this Medical Centre, end up rush to Pantai Hospital.
Pantai Hospital Emergency medical officers is very efficient compared with Prince Court.


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