shilin (16)

The place to eat it would be a little cramp with its limitation of space.

shilin (17)

Then we started to try one buy one with the Cripsy Fried Chicken, shower with lots of pepper and I ordered mind extra spicy turns out noting to shout about and if get to compare it, the first day fried chicken taste much better. (click here for previous post)

shilin (18)

All of us were busy eating and drinking as most of us are very hungry as we save our stomach for tonights street food hunting galore. 😀

shilin (19)

shilin (26)

Then we tried the lime orange as located opposite the stall which is stall 429, the taste is definately something we need under this hot weather.

shilin (29)

shilin (28)

Stall 501 also was recommended by Mary’s Brother which is more towards local delights.

shilin (20)

This would be one of the unique biscuit I tried in Taiwan. Skin is freshly made and to wrap with a few flavours of your choice.

shilin (22)

Then they will use this biscuit . . .. .

shilin (21)

put ontop with the freshly thin skin . .. smash it hard with a wooden stick . . .

shilin (23)

Finally wraps around to become more like a popiah.

shilin (24)

A few flavours is available, we tried it all.

shilin (25)

1) Taiwan homemade sour thingy, yam, black sesame and peanut. My personal favourite would be yam and peanut but some of them they do not like the flavour but I find it interesting. Its crunchy as the auntie smash the biscuits into pieces then wrapp around it. Be prepare to que up.

shilin (31)

Going to street food market without trying out their local Taiwan Sausages is like you go to a bar without music.

shilin (27)

shilin (30)

Love the texture of a bit waxy outside and bbq taste which covers the aroma of it makes it taste pretty good.

shilin (32)

shilin (33)

That concludes our hunting in this area as they have finish recommending and we are saving half of our capacity to another street to eat again. While we were waiting looking for the rest of the people, we got influence by this uncle which is so we decided to try our luck by playing this game.

shilin (34)

One of the main reason that attract us to play was  there are 2 pieces of NT1000 like going to break soon. Then we just need to buy the bullets from the uncle to play on it. Then uncle keep persuading us just try la. Very easy, your hand can try to go as near as possible to shoot it. This definately temp us lagi more. NT50 for 12 bullets and NT100 for 30 bullets. Can be share with the rest of friends.

shilin (35)

At first we decided to just play for fun with just 12 bullets.

shilin (36)

As it heat us up and we bought additional 30 bullets to shoot by 4 people, tell you! its just so hard to shoot on that plastic tiny string as one slight distraction that the uncle put a fan on there, so the plastic with money just do not stand still for you to shoot. Sometimes it will fly away alot sometimes it just stay still. With my hand over the table and half of the distance, still very hard! In the end, after finishing and we walk away, we say that the uncle Si Pek good, like that also we spend NT250 on the stall.

shilin (37)

Then our next destination is another road long of street food!

shilin (41)

Walk accross the road and 7-11 is just directly at the junction and we walk towards down. 7-11 first then following the green shop next to it.

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  1. omg. TOO MANY people – t’s almost scary!.
    (Hmmmm… but the food looks so tempting….but I hope the puppies are not for eating!…)

    • Taufulou Reply

      it is also eh.. yeah, it was kinda shock also when i see got nan there.. and that guy can speak mandarin better than me also

  2. Interesting!!! Can’t wait to see more blogpost from your Taiwan trip..
    Thanks for sharing so much valuable info !

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