shilin (39)

I just love this stall. India Love Taiwan by selling nan there.

shilin (43)

The taste had been modify to suit the local taste already but taste is quite impressive.

shilin (40)

Among the 2 stalls selling the same thing, I do not know why they choose another stall.

shilin (44)

Something similiar that we had on Ximenting which i find that the one at Ximenting taste better.

shilin (45)

shilin (46)

It will never go wrong to go for a stall that has the longest que.

shilin (47)

One of the reason that have to wait so long is because they have to take care of the fried potato make sure its golden brown in colour and very soft inside.

shilin (48)

Taiwan Nono did promote this stall and we have our Local Malaysia Nono to promote on the stalls too.

shilin (49)

Many flavours you can choose from. What we choose I do not know, as I ask my friend to choose mix everything.

shilin (50)


shilin (52)

All the bacons are mix along with mayonise and black pepper toppings.

shilin (53)

Here is our pack of potato shower with mix bacons (lots of it) and corn.. . . Lastly shower with mug full of cheeze sauce. This is one of the best so far for the night and its Highly recommended by me. All of us are very full by the time we are here and we are still fighing for this pack.

shilin (54)

I saw this dog so cuuteeee. .. .

shilin (55)

Its like a fluffy doll.

shilin (56)

Then suddenly they go come back with purchase of NT100 fruits. You can just imagine how big pack it is.

shilin (57)

After I did my shoe shopping at one of the biggest Nike Outlet in the area, which is seriously alot of choices to choose from, then I kena goreng to buy 1 pair which my original intention is to get Converse leather skin new version. Came by this stall as all of us very thirsty and we got shock with what we see. 1Litre of Winter Melon tea for NT25 which is very cheap.

shilin (58)

Its fresh, not sweet, full with pure winter melon flavour and since after we purchase this, we name it is 1000cc stall.

shilin (69)

Ended up all of us getting one cup each.

shilin (70)

shilin (71)

Usually most of the people will walk from main entrance towards back but we walk from back towards front because we did street food first.

shilin (59)

Then another stall that I see and we buy again. Even though Nono said Noooo but he still eat.

shilin (60)

One of the best was the pork bacon wrap with veggie and bbq it, shower it with chili powder is good which I forgot to take picture.

shilin (61)

chicken backside.

shilin (62)

Fish cake but the way they do it is quite similiar like our otak-otak.

shilin (63)

Again buy another drink but as the whole street you walk along, certain stalls you get to try on the taste or food first before you buy. Then we tried out this one turns out to be very good which is the Raspberry drink.

shilin (64)

Blend by herself, mix with some lemon, taste quite pure definately one of the best drink for the night. Ended up getting a few cups again.

shilin (65)

Jennifer went to try out this stall Tea Club.


shilin (72)

With frog eggs, lemon flavour and pearl. I still like my drink.

shilin (67)

Before they call it a night, they are so addicted to ah Chung Mee Sua and decided to eat it again as all of us are 110% full already.

shilin (68)

Ta pau another few cups of 1000cc drink again.

shilin (73)

shilin (74)

No longer wanted to eat arleady as we seriously eat alot, the term full is already there and stomach keep telling us its full its full, but mouth keep eating.

shilin (75)

It was mid night and going to celebrate Ian’s Birthday. We could not just imagine how Mary’s brother and gang travel around by public transportation to get this cake at late night.

shilin (76)

It was a suprise for him that he came up even with his sleep ware….

shilin (77)

Happy Belated Birthday Ian. . . .

shilin (78)

From all of us. . .

shilin (79)

He and his lovely Gf-Mary

shilin (80)

and his side kick Southpak

shilin (81)

May all your wish come true~

shilin (83)

Then Pak was busying planting seed in Taiwan. His efford really paid off lei.. went to see him as I want to make him my sifu but he rejected. . .:(

shilin (84)

Jennifer and Nono.. a great trip with them as they love to EATTTTT and take Photograph!

For the street food, it is advisable to have at least 6 people to enjoy the food even though every thing we bought one piece.

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  1. omg. TOO MANY people – t’s almost scary!.
    (Hmmmm… but the food looks so tempting….but I hope the puppies are not for eating!…)

    • Taufulou Reply

      it is also eh.. yeah, it was kinda shock also when i see got nan there.. and that guy can speak mandarin better than me also

  2. Interesting!!! Can’t wait to see more blogpost from your Taiwan trip..
    Thanks for sharing so much valuable info !

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