I got 4-Play on my hand of Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Range. I press two times to let the mouldling paste slide out smoothly as I have tried a few times to estimate my current hair with the amount I need to use therefore two times would be just nice.


Next I rub the whole paste till it turn white on my hand and applied on my hair.


Then style that I used to usual and lastly.. . . ..

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To finish the look with Session Extreme Strong Hold hairspray to make it look more solid and hold long lasting. I spray around my whole hair when its dry by pressing short burst, that is not too near so that the spray will evenly spread onto my hair that doesn’t make it so concentrated.


After get the style done I am ready to go out.

osis (5)

Holds on my hair very well n solid, love the texture and aroma of the spray.

New Folder50

Both of my side view. . .

osis (2)

Next combination I apply it on my friend which he turns out to love the spray a lot as he is also a Schwarkopf user. Apply 4-play then finish it with Freeze Strong Hold Hairspray which make his hair look soft like natural.


Next, I can’t wait to style my hair with the assist of my friend in salon.

For more info, check out http://www.killroutine.com/

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