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Some street view on our surroundings.

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What is quite impressive about Taiwan is that every street junctions is equip with a camera, is one of their crime prevention method, therefore it is quite safe to walk on the streets. Based on what we see on their daily news, it is very fast for the police to catch on the thief or the suspect person on the crime scene.

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After 5 minutes walk from our Hostel, we have reach our destination to a small lane with a few stalls selling street food, with the fried chicken highly recommended by the landlady, by the smell of it had stir our stomach hungry instantly.

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The first stall we hit on, 6 pieces of ‘Fried Chicken’.

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that cost NT40 per piece.

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While I see the whole process of how the guy dip with the powder and deep fried it till golden brown on the end result, we were so keen if there were no other customer we would just tear the chicken and eat it on the spot.

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They added on pepper and chili powder if you want spicy, for mine extra spicy eat along with those juicy piping hot chicken, crispy on the edge blend with the aromatic powder is two thumbs up by me.

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This is our landlord for Taipei Home Stay, Mei.

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Next she introduce us to this stall which is hand wrap on the spot to ensure the freshness of it, something like pau but its pan friend.

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stuff something like salted cabbage and its a bit sour.

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After carefully fried by his wife, both side of the skin become a thin layer of crispy and on the edge is soft.

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The uncle advice us to add in some vinegar and their homemade chili sauce.

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Just love the taste of it with cabbage is a bit crunchy, mild in flavor that is perfectly pan fried till the skin is not too powdery with flour however adding in vinegar and chili sauce add in extra kick in it. around NT20 if not mistaken

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We were all very satisfied with our very first round of food. .  and before we left, we heard one of the locals said that. . . ‘Woah, tourist also know how to come here ah~ you guys so famous d loh. .  (in mandarin). I would say, its hidden in the neighborhood at the back alley.

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Next stop that the lady introduces us is this famous 7-11 at the neighborhood; consider one of the biggest in the area and also more food range available too.

City Café consider one of the café that stick onto 7-11 everywhere, its like a whale with the small fish following around, cannot deny that their normal coffee brew is one of the best yet charge at NT35-NT70. A good day to start with long black.

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All the prepacked fast food available in selected 7-11 store.

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If you prefer something warm, they do have ranges of I consider Taiwan Yong Taufu.

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The whole shop, only 1 section that caught my attention very much and I was standing right there for quite a while with my disbelieve eyes how cheap the beers are especially those international beer like Budweiser, Heineken, Sapporo,  Asahi, (small can for NT 35 and Big Can for NT65) and many more with their local beers, Beer Taiwan  price at NT25 for small can and NT 45-NT 55 for big can depending on which local beer. My god, how could we get a can in Malaysia for that kind of price, a Coke is definitely but not beers.

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  1. hey bro…i love ur pics esp those sch girls and leng lui u took…yeah…no fat girls there and all very fair and leng…like the big fried chicken….miss the taste so much.

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  3. So many people travel to Taiwan..~~~ I had read at least 3 different blogger’s post about their TW trip.. haha.. but still, I’m enjoying reading yours~ 🙂

  4. this is what i have been waitin for! Post on ur trip to taiwan with all the street food pics!!!!!!!!! i want more!!!!!

  5. looks like u had a fun day 1! i like looking at the street snacks – in making. cool capture of the pan fried bun in-making.

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