In our itenery, second day is to wake up early and head to Yangmingsan National Park for a sightseeing which is located in between Taipei City and Taipei Country which can be access by their MRT.

day 2

As most of us woke up late that day, so we went to MacD to grab a quite breakfast and of course not to miss their pork burger. The only difference is that, their bread is a bit softer and there are no tomato sauce available. I just love the moment I capture on that kid which I do not know what he see open till his mouth like so soh soh.

day 2 (2)

Our accomodation which is just a station away from Taipei Main Station under Nangang MRT line, Shandao Temple to start off with and we are heading to Shilin Night Market Station to take bus.

day 2 (3)

Reached at Shilin Night Market station then walk down to the public bus waiting area which is just located next to the station and we have to ask around which bus to take.

day 2 (4)

When the bus arrived, it was an empty bus and the queue is very long to the way back and most of them are old folks. So I guess we are heading the right way, with bus no.280 (if i am not mistaken).

day 2 (6)

Journey to Yangmingsan from Shilin Night Market takes approximately 45 minutes.

day 2 (5)

On that day it was weekend, and we were told by one old couple that usually there is full of family.

day 2 (7)

day 2 (8)

After reaching the main area of Yanmingsan, we have to take a mini bus to tour the whole mountain as it is huge, and was told by the driver it takes about 30 – 45 minutes to round the whole 13 stops and in between, see which are the stop that you are interested in then hop off.

day 2 (9)

The city administrative area includes Beitou District, Shihlin District, Taipei County’s Wanli, Jinshan Township and Sanchi Township. During the Japanese occupation era of Taiwan, it was known as Datun National Park(大屯国立公園). The National Park is famous for its cherry blossoms, hot springs, sulfur deposits, fumaroles, venomous snakes and hiking trails, including Taiwan’s tallest and one over the extinct volcano Seven Star Mountain (七星山, 1,120 m).

Yangmingshan was originally called Grass Mountain (草山; Taiwanese: Chháu-soaⁿ) during the Qing Dynasty, in reference to Datun Mountain. Official’s during this period were worried about thieves stealing sulfur from the rich sulfur deposits in the area so they would regulary set fire to the mountain. Thus, only grass and not trees could be seen. The first national park was established during the Japanese occupation in 1937. (source Wikipedia)

day 2 (10)

So most of the folks living around the area selling fresh vegetable and fruits and I got scolded for shooting one of the auntie.

day 2 (11)

One thing I like about Taiwan is that most of the people there are very well manner which the line up in all public transportation and respect the elders, pregnant ladies and family with kids that most of the people will give their seats away to allow them to seat on.


day 2 (13)

One our first stop, we were quite surprise by how many people are in the area for hiking, tai chi and popular around this first stop is cycling.

day 2 (14)

day 2 (15)

10 minutes walk from the drop off area, we reach Datun Nature Park and it was a good weather on that day, we were delighted to see how blue the sky and how green the trees are.

day 2 (16)

day 2 (17)

Take a few snapshots around the area and at first, one of the guy ask us to trail on the jungle tracking to get a better sigh of the area, after a quick thought, he asked us to walk back how we originaly came from with a reason, scared we might get lost in there.

day 2 (18)

One of the info and history center.

day 2 (19)

During our bus ride to each station, there are one sight that caught very much of our attention is that the mountain looks like a small hole in and smoke keep coming out and Pak asked one of the locals, told us that, is one of a must visit place if come to this mountain.

Siaoyoukeng is the stop that we hop off and the wind was so strong that day that we cant even walk straight. One strong hit can make us sway to the left or right but it was exciting as we have never encounter such a strong wind before.

day 2 (20)

Then we saw this trail which looks very interesting but what stopped us was the distance, 1.6KM to the peak. . . is somehow too far and not for us to do it, if we were to stay there for a night, we sure will do it and we believe it will be one of a breath taking view if we were to reach to the peak.

day 2 (21)

day 2 (22)

This is the stop whereby Taiwan one of the tallest and extinct volcano which name as Seven Star Moutain (七星山) that stand 1,120m above sea level.

day 2 (23)

Head over to the observation deck to take a peek. There were a strong scent of sulfur and we knew we could be there for long, so we took quick picture around the area.

day 2 (24)

day 2 (25)

day 2 (26)

day 2 (27)

Ian with the idea of this . . . . .


day 2 (29)

day 2 (30)

clear blue sky. . .

day 2 (31)

There is a mini trail right next to it with small holes blowing smoke and sulfur.

day 2 (32)

day 2 (33)

To see how windy it was on that day, click on the short clip . . ..

day 2 (34)

I just love this landscape which capture by Pak.

day 2 (35)

While waiting for the mini bus to come, we had too much free time and camwhore a little, with a few jump shots added in.

day 2 (36)

day 2 (37)

It was a long day stroll on top of the mountain, upon setting down to the main area, we had a quick lunch with Taiwan Mee Sua made by one of a old lady, taste wise, never to mention.

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      karaoke ah..differeint from our kl..
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  1. Wow…so much to see and eat on your trip. It’s been ages since my last trip…the place looks inviting 🙂

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      not much food on this trip definately…

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  2. great shot. i will be going this nov and was toying the idea to go or not to go to yang ming shan but after looking at your pics, i am going 🙂

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      ahhh…hav fun eh~ take more nice pic..its a good weather you go during tha ttime~

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