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Taiwan Trip Day 2 – Yangmingsan National Park –> Xinbeitou –> Tamshui Fisherman’s Wraft

by Taufulou

To get here, just take the train Danshui line and stop at the last stop of the train station.

day 2 (68)

Then you take a 10 minutes  (Bus Red-26, 836, or 837) bus ride to this lovely bridge.

day 2 (70)

Tamshui Fisherman’s Wharf (淡水漁人碼頭) is a scenic spot at the western tip of Tamsui, Taipei Country, Taiwan. Its predecessor was the “Tamsui Second Fishing Port” on the right bank of the Tamsui river estuary, an important fishing harbor in the early history of north Taiwan.

The Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf is well-known by its beautiful sunset and fresh seafood. While having sightseeing and leisure facilities, it still holds its functionality as a harbor for fishing boats. (wikipedia)

day 2 (69)

day 2 (71)

Lover Bridge of Tamsui: Lover Bridge of Tamsui, a white-colored Cable-stayed bridge, derived its name since it was started on February 14, 2003, Valentine’s Day. You may appreciate the sunset from the bridge. The total length is approximately 196 meters and the walk across takes approximately 3 minutes. (wikipedia)

day 2 (72)

We camwhore alot around this area with what I read, its great to see the sunset here.

day 2 (73)

day 2 (74)

day 2 (75)

day 2 (76)

day 2 (77)

day 2 (78)

day 2 (79)

Trying to learn how to take couple photography. . . as this two are getting married, Pak and Me keep shooting them to add into our profile.

day 2 (80)

view from the left side of the bridge walking to their sidewalk.

day 2 (82)

Center view that we are walking towards the sea area.

day 2 (81)

day 2 (83)

day 2 (84)

Quite a number of artist stall here.

day 2 (85)

In the process which this lady is pretty skillfull.

day 2 (86)

On the right side view from the bridge.

day 2 (87)

This is my first time seeing such a big rock with this kind of design put at the side of the sidewalk. According to my friend, this size and design is to prevent big wave and also Taiwan is a typhoon country its for safety purpose.

day 2 (88)

day 2 (89)

Trying to capture Pak with cyclops eyes.

day 2 (90)

Jennifer with a few shots.

day 2 (91)

I just love the sea breeze and the temperature was just right, wasnt too hot.

day 2 (92)

Ian and his lovely girlfriend . . . .

day 2 (93)

I just wish to be like them to sit here and chat for the whole evening. A bottle of beer would be even more perfect.

day 2 (94)

day 2 (95)

day 2 (96)

day 2 (97)

day 2 (98)

day 2 (99)

while we station here and enjoying the scenery and the girls voice we were so impress that we thought it was actually from radio but it was not, she was actually singing live and so sweet and good. Click the video to hear and see the surroundings.

day 2 (100)

Then we were very hungry again. . . and decided to try out the food stalls below. . .

day 2 (101)

day 2 (104)

day 2 (102)

Fried sausage with breadcrumb seems like a good choice, one stick NT30

day 2 (103)

day 2 (105)

I didnt buy it cuz it doesnt looks good and while waiting for them to take their bite. . . .

day 2 (106)

This is what happen. . .

day 2 (107)

Ian take the first bite. . . . .

day 2 (108)

and he said…is super hoh liau and you must freaking try it out. . .

day 2 (109)

Jenniffer got all excited as she was very hungry, after a while when the taste bud went kuku, that’s how her expression…hahaha..

day 2 (110)

and Pak had this expression too. . . We rate it, the worst food we had in Taiwan at this stall. . ..

day 2 (112)

As we were walking back, saw this party boat that can be hired to cater for engagement, bachelor, birthday, celebration party to tour you around the area and party hard at the sea and the R&B music playing on that day was very tempting. Turn’s on my mood to club!

day 2 (113)

This is the sunset picture I manage to take. . .

day 2 (114)

Pak look back at all his picture taken on that place.

day 2 (115)

Talking cock session . . . . as Pak getting all excited

day 2 (116)

As the time draws near and Pak was late for his next appointment with his local friend here that I got drag along…

day 2 (117)

Then we departed with the rest as they going for the night market there and we are heading one of the best night spot area in Taiwan, Ximenting.

day 2 (120)

To come to Ximenting you hop off at Ximen Station.

day 2 (121)

After saw the whole place, we suddenly feel so alive as the crowd here are mostly teenagers and its well lit up, I would rate it as one of a shopping paradise area. 100xx much better than our Chee Cheong Kai.

day 2 (122)

day 2 (119)

day 2 (125)

This is our date here at Karaoke Session in Taiwan as Pak said going to introduce me more friend. Hopefully they are as crazy as Eva and Tina. . .

*some of the photoshots are by my friend Pak

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mimid3vils 06/08/2010 - 10:59 pm

karaoke? Why looks like hotel?

Taufulou 10/08/2010 - 1:20 pm

karaoke ah..differeint from our kl..
i will post only the karaoke post on that day..:d
watch out..quite unique compare to our local karaoke..

Caroline 07/08/2010 - 9:05 am

whoa! so much fun thr! n u guys jump jump thr! LOL

Taufulou 10/08/2010 - 1:20 pm

yeah loh..too free ma..some more so fat..need to jump jump a bit to lose fats..kekeke

ck lam 09/08/2010 - 11:24 am

Wow…so much to see and eat on your trip. It’s been ages since my last trip…the place looks inviting 🙂

Taufulou 10/08/2010 - 1:21 pm

not much food on this trip..next trip definately…

you can plan again loh, with your camera skills now so good..
sure will be mouth watering with all your pictures..

lechua 11/08/2010 - 5:00 pm

that’s a packed day 2 in taiwan – quite varied activities!

Andy Chan 25/08/2010 - 7:50 pm

great shot. i will be going this nov and was toying the idea to go or not to go to yang ming shan but after looking at your pics, i am going 🙂

Taufulou 25/08/2010 - 10:19 pm

ahhh…hav fun eh~ take more nice pic..its a good weather you go during tha ttime~

Slava 18/09/2010 - 7:23 pm

Awesome! But your images could really use increased saturation…


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