day 8 (71)

We head to this small town that special for something in food.

day 8 (61)

We were brought to a food streett that sell mostly smelly taufu.

day 8 (62)

Many people are queing for their favourite stall of smelly taufu. Most of the stalls also have their very own customer base.

day 8 (63)

day 8 (64)

The streets are very narrow and have heavy influence of Japan.

day 8 (65)

Then there is a very first stall that operate in the area that have heavy publicity from all kind of media, and its like a brand that must try if you are in the area. . .

day 8 (66)

day 8 (67)

day 8 (68)

day 8 (72)

day 8 (73)

One of a famous drink in Taiwan . .. You can almost see it every where in the street food.

day 8 (74)

This is the shop that brought by Auntie, which is their favourite shop, then I ask them what is the difference betweent his shop and that shop and the taste wise. She told me that its the same, just that, the shop is the first in the neighbourhood and every one just go for the fancy one, taste wise this one is better compare to the famous one.

day 8 (75)

The menu is on the wall that they just sell simple food. . . only 4 on the wall so we order 4 then.

day 8 (76)

The do have it in spicy flavour. The smell of it also very strong. . .

day 8 (77)

day 8 (78)

This is the most special and the star for the day. ‘Ma lat Stinky Taufu’ which superb in taste, the soup base is spicy, hot, and sticky with the smelly taufu smell yet its soft and I just keep drinking this soup non stop till asking for refill.

day 8 (79)

day 8 (80)

Their traditional taufu served with preserved sour vegetable, and the stinky taufu is deep fried.

day 8 (81)

Sweet and sour juice with pearl.

day 8 (82)

After the spicy and superfull meal, we saw this ice cream stall which homemade it. . .

day 8 (83)

Many Flavours for you to choose from for only Nt15 if not mistaken.

day 8 (84)

While waiting for the auntie to walk back to come find us, then this lady from this stall keep asking us or more like insist us to try out the drink she sell, she said its very nice, once drink it we will love it. . . We keep telling her don wan till she served right in front of us.

day 8 (85)

Mixture of a bit sour from a plant, then squeeze a kind of fruit, add in a bit sweet and this come the drink. Once we tried, ended up all of us buying a cup as it is soooooo refershing that we seriously need it under this hot weather. Its a REcommended STall if you do visit this area.

day 8 (86)

After the whole pack and long queue had become no que it was our turn to buy it.

day 8 (87)

Once bite it, we felt like errr.. . . U want ah, you still want ah? a few bites then we throw away cuz nothing fancy . . . WE just did not listen to Mary’s Auntie. . . 😀

day 8 (69)

We are a bit hurry in time to meet Tina and Eva, so we drive super fast  . . .. .  400km per hour. . .Wakkaka~

day 8 (88)

After reach back in Taipei City in no time, we had another round of Ah Chung Mee Sua at XiMending as we did on day 3

day 8 (89)

Did last minute shopping, this is what I bought during the trip as on budget. . . then faster bath and head to meet up with Eva and Tina at one of the finest bar in Taipei City.

Blog on it next post!

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  1. so here’s a bit of the outskirts of taipei… ‘interesting’ landscape… and there’s still such a buzz of street stalls and snacks…. that lime jelly drink that u can find anywhere in taiwan – i think i’d luv that

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