A place to gather with your friends yet fancy coffee and cakes over a conversation? One of the place that is serving for pretty cakes is this The Champignons Cake shop in EkoCheras Mall. It is also part of Taste by Champignons.

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Lead by this young chef Kingsley Kwoh whom has vast experience overseas that is now bring you his technique and flours to our table.

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Just look at the cake offerings. It is just too pretty. Their cake frontage change 4 times a year and it is theme according to seasoned.

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Getting a chance to try all the flavors and I am certainly too happy, as I am a cake lover.

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Some of you might find that the pricing is slightly high but then when you cut open, just look at the amount of time and work that he have done to the cake. Then it is justifiable. Each of the cake consist of at least 4 elements or 4 different flavours.

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Their signature cake :  Elderflower @ RM 20 – Elderflower Whipping Ganache, Pink Guava Jelly, Guava compote, Sponge and Biscuit.

As for this cake, you can see that it stars from the base, then add on another 5 layer on top. With the top shell, its hand pipping, then follow by colour spray and finish with special sugar sprinkle. This cake takes 2 days to complete.

A nice balance of flavour where the confusion of elderflower gives us an impression like lychee, yet a hint sour bitter is the guava compote and a perfect cake to go with long black.

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For this, just look at the chocolate tampering for  the Flamingo 2.0 @ RM 20 – Red Berries Whipped Ganache, Apple and Lime compote, Vanilla Sponge, Biscuit.

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i find this very adventurous – Tropical Bar @ RM 19 – Exotic Mousse with Banana Confit, Lime Whipped Ganache and Banana Cake. a hint of banana cake flavour yet with the chocolate with hint of pandan is quite interesting – one of my personal fav.

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i vote this Aloha as a generic or universal flavour. I believe this is easily accepted by many of you. @ RM 20 – Yogurt mousse, Pineapple Jam, Mandarin and Pear confit and Orange. Soft, airy, mid sour and fragrant end. I believe this will even goes well with white wine.

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Gelato 2.0RM 19 Chocolate Truffle Mousse, Kalamansi Curd, Milk Chocolate Kalamansi Ganache, Brownies and Chocolate Coating

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Coconut 2.0 @ RM 20 -Coconut Whipped Ganache, Pineapple and Mango Compote, Coconut Sponge, Coconut Gianduja And Chocolate Coating. The tempering and mix of this chocolate is quite technical. The coconut husk cant be too thick, where it cant be break. Oncey ou cut open, it is like a treasure in side.  anice balance of coconut that is not over powering yet can taste on the chocolate and pineapple.

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WE end it with macaroons.

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Now 50% off with second piece purchase. Quite worth to explore

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Oh no, we actually end with Home made sausage @ RM 19. This is pretty good. Love the slight grill on the skin and the flavour in it is petty good.

As for the cakes, my personal recommendation would be:

  1. Elderflower
  2. Aloha
  3. Tropical bar

The Champignons Cake shop
Lot No. G31,Ground floor EkoCheras Mall,
No.693, Batu, 5, Jln Cheras,
Taman Mutiara Barat, 56000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-9134 9288

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm


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