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I was at Awesome xPlay Shout! Awards, Bukit Jalil

by Taufulou

xpaxawards (12)_resize

In this kind of event, I always look forward for the stage decoration and when I went into the arena, I am amaze by the great stage set up with heavy lightings and definitely a section that I fall in love with is the DJ area.

xpaxawards (13)_resize

xpaxawards (15)_resize

The DJ area that I am talking about is something similiar that I saw in one of a music video clip.

xpaxawards (14)_resize

Esther and Louise

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Was there early to take a few shots with this siau poh putting the Vip tag on her forehead  . . . . .

xpaxawards (16)_resize

That is where the crowd went crazy when the performance started.

xpaxawards (17)_resizexpaxawards (18)_resize

 Impressive opening dance and song by one of the local artist. 

xpaxawards (19)_resize

xpaxawards (20)_resize

That is what I mean the stage with great lighting.

xpaxawards (21)_resize

xpaxawards (22)_resize

Followed by performance of Faizal Tahir which a few great track and end his performance with Micheal Jackson-Beat It

Henry Golding, Sarah Lian and Hafiz

xpaxawards (24)_resize


Another great performance by local artist

xpaxawards (25)_resize

Followed by local artist performance

xpaxawards (27)_resize

Then Cuci The Musical

xpaxawards (28)_resize

xpaxawards (29)_resize

xpaxawards (30)_resize


One of our local chic that is definately well know, Mizz Nina with her performance


Do you want to know who are the awards winner? Below are the list of it, and Congratulations to all of you for your best efford . . . .

Favourite TV Personality Award : Zizan Raja Lawak
Breakthrough Local Feature Award : Lagenda Budak Setan
Best Popstar Award : Yuna
Break Out Award : Yuna Ultimate ShoutAward : Yuna
Power Vocal Award : Faizal Tahir
Fresh TV Series Award : Nur Kasih
Favourite TV Program Award : Showdown 2010
Music Video Award : Bunkface
Best Rockstar Award : Bunkface
Flava Award : MizNina
Hot Guy Award : Henry Golding
Hot Chick Award : Scha Al-Yahya
Coolest Radio Announcer Award : Phat Fabes
Favourite Radio Show Award : Hot FM AM Crew
Best On-Screen Chemistry Award : Afdlin Shauki and Liyana Jasmay (Papadom)
Mobile Artiste of The Year Award : Sixth Sense

Yuna was the big winner of the day. (which is certainly impress by her voice and got to know that Hitz.fm also do play a few of her song which I just realise on that day itself)

For those who have miss it . . . You can still see more photo on Shout! Awards website

xpaxawards (31)_resize

oh, before I left manage to take a picture with Emeryn which I told her must take picture cuz have not capture with her dressing like that (a bit overdress). . :p

xpaxawards (32)_resize

Me and Louise

Truly it is a great experience to attend my very first local award event which Celcom Xpax had done a good job and could not thank more to both Celcom Xpax and Sirens Media for the invites.

See you guys on next event~

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uLi 24/11/2010 - 2:17 pm

Happening leh~

Merryn 24/11/2010 - 2:32 pm

The stage really looks very da happening!!!

J the chocoholic 24/11/2010 - 3:00 pm

Happening-nyaaaaaaaa… 🙂

Caroline 24/11/2010 - 3:42 pm

waaaa! damn happening n u guys had a great time! 😀


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